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Featuring Helix

with Finite Automata, Absynthe of Faith

Dusk - 301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI, United States

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"God Module combines elements of harsh Techno, Darkwave, Goth and Industrial. 

Pounding beats mix with hypnotic synth hooks, deranged film samples and psychotically-effected vocals to make up a sound that is as disturbing as it is danceable."

"God Mod founder and mastermind Jasyn Bangert has brought his childhood dreams to life as musical nightmares.
Jasyn takes all the common Electro - Gothic - Industrial cliches and systematically tears them apart.
They are unnaturally stitched back together again to create a constantly mutating soundtrack to the most f$&cked up horror film you will never see.."

God Module is the dark electronic musical project of Jasyn Bangert.
As underground musical trends have come and gone, God Module have stayed at the forefront of the Dark Electronic scene for the past 20 years.
Mixing harsh musical styles (Punk, Death Rock and Metal) with his love for electronic music (EBM, Industrial, Synthpop and Techno) God Module was created. Incorporating imagery and aesthetics from his interest in the Horror genre and the Paranormal, God Module has taken on a dark persona over the years.
With numerous successful North American headlining tours and hundreds of shows around the world God Module have solidified their reputation as one of the top live performers in the Industrial genre.
God Module is current signed to Metropolis Records in North America and Infacted recordings in Europe. The band will release their 8th studio album “The Unsound in July 2019.

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HELIX (Tom Shear of A23 & Mari Kattman)

A collaboration between musician Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) & vocalist Mari Kattman (Day Twelve, Mari & The Ghost), Helix is a genre-defying sonic tapestry of electronics, organic elements & haunting vocal harmonies. Trip-hop, dub, dream pop, synth-pop, & lofi combine into a mélange of seductive beats, found sounds, eerie textures, & distant melodies. Sonic cinema for sleepwalkers & insomniacs


Finite Automata is an Experimental/Industrial project from Atlanta Georgia, and founded in Pensacola FL. While their early sound was very reminiscent of Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly and Project Pitchfork, their more recent endeavors have fused elements of classic Electro-Industrial and EBM, with elements of Aggrotech and Industrial Rock. They are known regionally for their highly confrontational and controversial stage shows, which make heavy use of theatrics, makeup, stage props, sharp objects and various noise making devices.


Absynthe Of Faith is a Minneapolis based Industrial project founded in late 2010.

Absynthe Of Faith mixes influences of German and US Industrial/EBM, along with aspects from other genres. Jarvis, a former classical musician, decided to start a project in very different direction. After some development and experimentation, the project was formed. In the last few years, Absynthe Of Faith has developed their style both musically and visually. Currently they are working on releasing their first full album. Jarvis is also a resident DJ at Ground Zero in Minneapolis.


301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI, United States (Get Directions)